Kensington has just announced two new security products for iPad and iPhone including the SecureBack lock mechanism and the BungeeAir integrated alarm case for iPhone. We had some hands on time at Pepcom last night with working demos.

The BungeeAir tech ($99) is packed into a typical looking iPhone case (above), a key fob, and the BungeeAir app. Simply attach the fob to your keys or any other always handy location and configure your preferences from within the app. Now, when you are separated from your device (based on your preferred settings) you will receive a buzz and/or beep notification to the key fob. The device will also go into Password protect mode if it was left open. You can even locate your lost keys or fob itself by activating the key fob from within the app.

The case also integrates a built-in back up 1500 mAh battery and the ability to prop up the device in landscape or portrait view.

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Also announced by Kensington is a family of SecureBack Security Cases for iPad 2. The physical SecureBack stays attached to the rear of your device, while the ClickSafe Lock attaches to the SecureBack allowing you to physically tether it to another object. We’re not sure how many consumers are going to take advantage of the SecureBack, but you can imagine it being useful to schools and other public environments where iPads may be present. The SecureBack allows for full access to all cameras, ports, and speakers.

You can order the Kensington SecureBack cases (SRP $49.99-$89.99) or one of the BungeeAir cases (SRP $79.99-$99.99) from Amazon now.

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