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Tim Cook is onstage talking about current iPhone stats. While talking about the incredible success that the iPhone 4 has had, he also notes that the device has only captured a 5% share of the global handset marketshare.

“Despite all this success and momentum, the iPhone has 5% share of the worldwide market of handsets. I could have shown a much larger number if I just showed smartphones, but that’s not how we look at it.”

He also mentioned iPhones being used in business:

“That momentum is far outpacing the industry. It’s not just consumer, 93% of the Fortune 500 are testing or deploying the iPhone. It’s consistently rated #1 in every customer satisfaction ranking I can find.”

Cook then showed slides related to customer satisfaction and continued about current stats.

“Customers love iPhone, and it’s consistently rated #1 in every satisfaction rating I can find.”

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