We previously told you about the benefits of Bluetooth 4.0 technology found on the iPhone 4S, also TV and —conceivably— rolling out to all Apple products soon. While Zomm’s Lifestyle Connect is not exactly the first Bluetooth 4.0 accessory (bragging rights belong to Find My Car Smart, a Kickstarter project), this device is a dream come true to people seeking a reliable medical solution to relay health information from compatible monitoring solutions “to a trusted network of people and professionals.”

Smaller than a credit card, it connects wirelessly with a Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone such, as the iPhone 4S, allowing you to speak with a live operator dubbed Personal Safety Concierge directly from the integrated speakerphone on the device. The Personal Safety Concierge can then contact your doctor, send status updates via a phone call, SMS or email or even dispatch police, fire or medical rescue to you exact location…

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The tiny dongle also connects up to three specialized Bluetooth devices, such as health monitors, heart monitors, glucose monitors, fall detection sensors and activity trackers. It can then monitor values on any of these devices and alarm your family members, health professionals and other folks in your trusted network when a custom threshold is reached, which is indispensable for tracking vital signs of an elderly member of your family. Low latency and an extremely low-power mode of Bluetooth 4.0 allow the Lifestyle Connect to run for two weeks on a single charge.

More interesting is its ability to pair with optional Zomm Tags (sold separately for $60 a piece), which are tiny Bluetooth 4.0+LTE-enabled devices that can be tracked using Zomm’s iOS app. People who lose their car keys often will no doubt find this handy. Moreover, this is a lifesaver in situations where a member of your family has gone missing. The Zomm Lifestyle Connect will be available by the second quarter of this year, and it is priced at $200. It also requires a monthly fee of “less than $15.”

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