Long before Eddy Cue was brought into the spotlight with his promotion to senior vice president of Internet software and service at Apple, the Duke-graduate had a major role under Apple cofounder Steve Jobs. Adam Lashinsky’s Inside Apple (available January 25) profiles Cue as Apple’s “dealmaking executive.”

Cue has been at Apple in several capacities over the past several years, and he has been cutting deals with music labels for iTunes, and most recently the music based services under iCloud. He also actually led initial iPhone discussions with AT&T. Famously, Cue was personally handed responsibility of the failing MobileMe team a few years ago, a move that defines Cue as Jobs’ problem solver.

Now, as a senior vice president, Cue is in charge of the iTunes Store, iBookstore, App Store, iCloud services, the iWork suite of applications, iAd, and more. Cue was on stage alongside Steve Jobs at WWDC 2011 to introduce iTunes in the Cloud and Photo Stream —two of Jobs’ favorite iCloud services, according to his keynote presentation. Cue was also on hand at Apple’s Oct. 4, 2011 “Let’s Talk iPhone” event to share more details on iCloud and its integration with Apple’s latest handset, the iPhone 4S.

As Apple’s dealmaker, Cue is likely the man in charge of striking deals with movie labels, television networks, cable providers, and more for the long-rumored Apple television set.

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