Adam Lashinsky, senior editor at large at Fortune and author of “Inside Apple” ($15-Amazon, Free Audio), has been doing many interviews since the release of his book detailing “How America’s Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works.” He recently sat down to give a talk at the headquarters of online real estate company Zillow.

While the first half of the talk he discussed his motivation for writing ‘Inside Apple,” around the 7-minute mark he began to talk about life at Apple. He described Apple’s microscopic control over the message the company crafts “very carefully” in meetings, and he talked about how Steve Jobs had tight control over marketing—even after starting to hand parts of the company over to Tim Cook.

Lashinsky then told an anecdote from the book about Jobs emailing back and forth with a mid-level Apple employee responsible for writing an email to correspond with a keynote and product launch.

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