Following yesterday’s launch of Apple’s iPhoto for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch application, several reports noted that the mapping integration into the software was not Google-based. With Apple working on an in-house iOS maps product for the last couple of years, speculation naturally rang out that iPhoto for iOS uses an in-house maps database.

However, OpenStreetMap Foundation, the company behind OpenStreetMap, has revealed that iPhoto for iOS actually uses their database. According to the foundation, the data Apple uses is dated to almost two years ago. They also note that they are trying to reach Apple in hopes of gaining attribution inside iPhoto for iOS:

The OSM data that Apple is using is rather old (start of April 2010) so don’t expect to see your latest and greatest updates on there. It’s also missing the necessary credit to OpenStreetMap’s contributors; we look forward to working with Apple to get that on there.

The tiles are coming from Apple’s servers but they aren’t Apple’s own in-house data.  While iPhoto for iOS may not represent a peak into Apple’s in-house maps future, we recently reported that Apple acquired a 3D Mapping company called C3 Technologies. See our overview and report on C3 for a real look into the future.

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