iFixit is pretty hardcore when it comes to getting its hands on the new iPad early. It flew to Australia, where it is already tomorrow, to get ahold of a fresh new iPad for ritual sacrificing to the chip-naming gods. (The poor virgin below on commuter train carpet—thanks commenter!)

[tweet https://twitter.com/ifixit/status/180283743326576640]

We will update shortly as iFixit uncovers all the stuff Qualcomm, Broadcom, Samsung, etc., have hidden inside.

Update: The dissection has started:

iFixit now has a Live Link up.

Yep, that is a  Samsung display.

Those batteries? 3.7V 43.0Whr 11560mAh

The chips are on the table:

Texas Instruments CD3240 driver device Broadcom BCM4330 802.11a/b/g/n MAC/Baseband/Radio with Integrated Bluetooth 4.0+HS and FM Transceiver Epcos B4064 SAW filters Fairchild FDMC 6683 Toshiba ZX0730 1123KLD Qualcomm RTR8600 (under the thermal pad) Broadcom BCM5973 I/O controller The A5X processor in all its glory. (Manufactured by Samsung in the first week of 2012)

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