Following Apple’s acknowledgement last month that the iPad “4G” marketing in Australia may be misleading to some customers, Apple has sent iPad 4G buyers in Australia refund information by email. Additionally, the company has instructed resellers to update their in-store signage with new signs that better outline the iPad’s true cellular data capabilities in Australia. Apple makes it clear in their new signage and letter to customers, as first posted by MacRumors, that the iPad WiFi + 4G does not support Australian LTE or WiMax. Apple’s new store sign is above, and the refund instructions sent to customers is directly below:

Apple says that the refund period ends on April 25th and affects users who purchased their 4G iPad prior to March 28th. The program gives users a refund in exchange for returning their new iPad. The device must be undamaged, include the bundled accessories, and proof of purchase must be provided. Returns must be handled through an Apple store, the online store, reseller, or Australian carrier. Users who wants refunds must specifically inform the store that the device was purchased under the assumption that it would work on Australian LTE or WiMax networks. Thanks, Fred! 

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