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While being scant on details, Apple just revealed Mountain Lion would sport a new dictation feature that sounds very close to what is present on iOS. The company said it works throughout the entire operating system, “even in Microsoft Word.” Apple did not unveil more information—not even showing the complete user-interface for dictation or how it works. We are sure to see more with future developer builds. Furthermore, Notification Center was given a bit of an update. It now features a new icon and more screen real estate for easier browsing through notifications.

There is also a new feature called “iCloud Tabs” that matches tabs and bookmarks. iCloud Tabs keeps them synced between iOS devices and Macs, while another new feature called “Tabview” allows you to see the tabs that are open across all of your iOS devices. Safari also received a substantial speed increase by featuring the “fastest JavaScript engine ever.” Mountain Lion now boasts AirPlay Mirroring, which brings full AirPlay support and full 1080p resolution.

Apple further unveiled a new feature called “Power Nap” that keeps your Macs up-to-date while they are in sleep mode by auto refreshing data. It works with the new MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros that unveiled today.

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