While there is not much new information, a post from Bloomberg today, which spoke with Black Hat conference General Manager Trey Ford, confirmed Apple will for the first time ever attend this year’s show to give a presentation on iOS security. To handle the presentation, Apple will send its manager for the platform security team, Dallas De Atley:

While many major technology vendors have overcome their reluctance to making a public showing at the conference, Apple, now the world’s most valuable company, has had no problem snubbing a community whose aim is to unearth its vulnerabilities… That will change Thursday when Dallas De Atley, manager of Apple’s platform security team, is scheduled to give a presentation on key security technologies within iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads.

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Ford told Bloomberg that Apple representatives were scheduled to speak in 2008 before “Apple’s marketing department caught wind of it,” but it confirmed Apple would indeed have a presence at Black Hat 2012:

Apple’s security researchers have lurked the halls at Black Hat and other conferences. But the closest anyone has come to seeing someone from Apple speak on stage was 2008. That’s when a panel of Apple insiders was scheduled to give a talk about the company’s security-response team. The highly anticipated event was abruptly canceled when Apple’s marketing department caught wind of it, according to Ford. “Bottom line — no one at Apple speaks without marketing approval,” Ford wrote in an e-mail. “Apple will be at Black Hat 2012, and marketing is on board.

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