Apple might not list any iPhone 5 cases on its website yet, but there are a few options if you want to get a case for your new iPhone today. Some of the big case makers, like Belkin, Incase, and Otterbox, have new cases for pre-order and “coming soon,” but you can already grab a number of great cases from Amazon and other retailers. We will update this post as we find more great cases popping up online…

Cygnett: I used a couple of Cygnett’s cases over the past few months on both iPhone and iPad and can vouch for the quality. The company already has a few designs for iPhone 5 available, including an aluminum version of its UrbanShield case in black and white and a genuine carbon fibre version (both pictured above).

Case-Mate has its Barely There case available in a variety of colors for iPhone 5, but it also has a huge lineup of cases already available for order on its website.

Bumpers: If an Apple-style bumper is what you are after, you can get a number of them ranging from $2.99 to $9.95 on Amazon. Like Apple’s own bumper for previous-gen iPhones, there is not much to them. Most have metal buttons and opening designed specifically for the iPhone 5, however.

Wallets: If a wallet case is more your style, Targus has its leather wallet case for iPhone 5 in stock for $38. Cygnett also has its FlipWallet (pictured above) that looks like one of the nicer options available. If those do not suit you, Amazon has a selection as well.

Tough cases: If you can’t hold out for Otterbox’s new Defender series, you can still get some nice protective cases today with Case-Mate’s Tough Case, The Trident AEGIS series case, and Seido’s Active case.


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