From Rogue Amoeba, developers of several popular Mac apps (who also ran into a bit of trouble with Apple over its iOS apps), is today throwing a big sale in celebration of the company’s ten year anniversary. To celebrate, the company is offering big discounts on many of its best Mac apps with with savings up to 67% off on the apps listed below. The sale only last until the end of the month, so you’ll want to head over to the tenth anniversary sale page to take advantage of the discounts before then:

The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

  • Airfoil for Mac: Send any audio from your Mac, all around your house.
  • Regular price: $25 Sale price: $15
  • Airfoil for Windows: Send any audio from your PC, all around your house.
  • Regular price: $25 Sale price: $15
  • Audio Hijack Pro: Record and enhance any audio.
  • Regular price: $32 Sale price: $22
  • Fission: Fast, easy, lossless audio editing, just majorly updated to version 2.
  • Regular price: $32 Sale price: $22
  • Nicecast: Create your own internet radio station.
  • Regular price: $59 Sale price: $49
  • Piezo: Charmingly simple audio recording.
  • Regular price: $15 Sale price: $5 (That’s an absurdly low price!)

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