If you have ever wanted to anodize your iPhone or iPad mini’s silver or slate designs into another color, take a look at AnoStyle. The company offers the ability to change the color of your iPhone 5 or iPad mini into red, pink, yellow, gold, orange, blue, teal, violet, copper, green, blue steel, or bronze. The process of applying the color is done exquisitely, so it looks great.

AnoStyle explains its process (which requires your iPhone or iPad to be sent in):

Our process does not involve simple painting or covering.  Rather, we use a process called anodization, and we’ve found a unique method that allows us to deliver the best results each and every time.  Anodization actually involves a specialized chemical process that creates the desired color change. This means under normal use, our AnoStyle™ products won’t chip or wear like traditional paints and coatings do. Once the color transformation is complete, we run your device through our 21-point test to ensure that it is working perfectly.

BGR shows how their gold unit came out. iPhone 5 color anodizing costs $249 and the iPad mini conversions run for $299.

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