YoungSohn290MIT Technology Review published an interview today that introduces us to Young Sohn, Samsung’s chief strategy officer, and by his own admission, currently a Mac, iPad and iPhone user. You’d of course expect a Samsung executive to stick to the company’s Galaxy smartphone and tablet lineups for obvious reasons. However, speaking with MIT Technology Review, Sohn said he now uses a Mac, iPhone, and iPad at home, noting that Apple’s devices win out due to the ecosystem:

…I use a Mac, actually, at home. I’ve always used Mac, an iPhone, and an iPad. I also have the Galaxy…  If you look at the strengths of Apple, in a way it’s not the product per se. It’s that consumers like their ecosystem such as iCloud. I like that my family 6,000 miles away in Korea is able to see my schedule and see all of my contacts and photos… At work I’m using Samsung devices; Apple at home, mainly because all of my systems and files are done that way. That’s sticky, you know? However, I did figure out how to sync all of my contacts and all of my schedules between the two different systems. You can do it. It’s a bit of work, but it is possible.

Sohn also said the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, in his opinion, is actually a better phone than the iPhone, but he noted Apple’s ecosystem is critical to the overall experience:

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Look at your phone [pointing to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus]. It’s a better phone, in my view. It’s a better display. It’s faster. But eventually the connected ecosystem is really critical.

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