Shortly after Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments that the television industry is “an intense area of interest,” Brightcove CEO (and ColdFusion and Flash Creator) Jeremy Allaire has laid out plenty of speculation as to what the Apple television may consist of on AllThingsD this morning. There have been plenty of rumors and mockups before, but Allaire has compiled some new and pretty well done mockups, and he theorized one possible route Apple may take with the television. Instead of just releasing a 46- and 60-inch television set with up to a 4K resolution, according to Allaire, Apple would also include a companion device for $149:

A new companion device for TV that starts at $149, attaches to nearly any existing TV, and does not require customers to buy an expensive new monitor. This is crucial for quickly establishing and maintaining platform dominance quickly and even stand-alone could be a $5-10 billion opportunity….The device will offer HDMI and digital audio output, a gigabit Ethernet port and built-in WiFi, as well as a two lightning ports — one for power, another for the included “coax dongle,” which will connect directly to most existing cable TV hookups to replace your existing cable set-top box.

More speculation is at AllThingsD.

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