Over the past week, a few notable Kickstarter projects crossed our inbox, and we’ve rounded up some of them below.

Crono Mail app:

Crono is yet another shot at reinventing and refocusing what the email expierience should be on an iOS device. Currently shown as iPad-exclusive, Crono appears to be a fresh take on email with an easy to use interface that features large tiles and a focus on the emails that are most important to the user.

iPen 2 stylus system:

The iPen 2 is a pressure-sensitive display stylus system for the Mac and the iPad. The iPen 2 video above explains more, but, notably, the system is built with the actual stylus device and a hardware element on your Mac’s display or a hardware case on your iPad.

Trygger iPhone camera clip accessory: 

The Trygger, which we have tested, features a few neat features to enhance your iPhone picture taking experience. Two of the biggest issues with photos are reflections and inaccurate colors. The Trygger seems to solve those issues with its clip-able iPhone camera attachment. The difference is notable in our test photos below. Notice how the green color of the trees is much more accurate with the Trygger photo. Our tests found, however, that if HDR is on, the Trygger does not make much of a difference. (Image on the left is with Trygger)

RADIUS iPhone 5 case: 

The RADIUS iPhone 5 case is an ultra-slim minimalist case that is made out of aluminum materials. It is meant to expose the design of the iPhone 5’s hardware, while offering protection from drops to the sides of the device. The frames are said to ship in multiple color options.

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