Twitter just pushed out version 2.3.1 of TweetDeck for Mac with over 90 fixes, tweaks, features, and updates from the previous version.

TweetDeck allows desktop users to follow their Twitter streams in real-time, but it boasts more flexibility than the mobile counterpart due to a customizable layout that sports the usual tweeting, sharing, and linking features.

The full change log for the latest version includes a performance upgrade for displaying “multiple high-velocity columns,” as well as a new function for embedding a Tweet right from the Tweet itself. As Twitter noted in the app’s description, the embed feature would come in handy for bloggers and websites.

The update also introduced a new search box with “Typeahead” and People Search and added the ability to reduce the app window to two columns.

Check it out:

Today’s upgrade brings TweetDeck for Mac up to speed with the Chrome version that launched last month, and it is the largest update since the Mac app went to version 2.0 in October.

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