500px is back.

The photo-sharing iOS app is now live in the App Store—exactly one week after Apple pulled it over concerns of nude photos and child pornography.

The updated app now has an age warning and suggests users are 17 or older to view content, and it includes a new “Report this photo” function that allows users to flag offensive content for possible removal. The app even kept its “Nude” photos category, but it changed search term filters and made the photos more difficult to unwittingly find.

Version 2.0.3 of the reinstated app features the following updates in the change log:

  • Fixes an issue that would redirect a user after logging in
  • Fixes an issue that resulted in partially downloaded photos
  • Added “Report this photo” button (Tap the details icon on a photo and scroll to the bottom)

Oh, and TechCrunch spoke with 500px co-founder Oleg Gutsol. He said his team “worked closely with Apple over the last week to address their requests,” and an internal content audit found no pornographic images on the platform that needed removal. However, he is still waiting to see the original complaints received by Apple.

According to The Verge, 500px’s other co-founder, Evgeny Tchebotarev, compared the recent porn controversy to Vine’s similar debacle:

Tchebotarev draws a connection to the controversy over porn on Vine, which has been pulled from Apple’s “Editor’s Choice” list but remains up with a 12+ rating; the Twitter-owned service has far more clout than the smaller 500px. “If you look at other apps like Vine,” he says, “they don’t necessarily have the same rating we do.” He also says that while his team is investigating Apple’s child pornography allegations, he hasn’t found anything yet.

500px is free in the App Store, and it currently has a 4-star rating as of press time.

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