Update: Nope: It looks like this is just an iPad Mini digitizer as pointed out by nowhereelse.fr.  

We’ve already seen more than a few alleged iPad 5 parts pop up online. Most rumors, including images of the device’s front glass from April, and the shots of the device’s back cover we posted in January, would seem to indicate that Apple is heading for the obvious– a redesigned full-sized iPad that borrows many of the characteristics of the slimmer, smaller bezel iPad mini. Today, the image above has made its way to Apple.pro showing what is claimed to be the front-glass panel for the yet to be released fifth-gen iPad 5.

While we have no way of verifying the legitimacy of the image, the original source is one that has posted accurate information about unreleased Apple products in the past. The image does seem to line up with previous rumors showing a full-sized panel that has a narrower bezel and home button in the same position as the iPad mini’s bezel. 

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Apple does have its WWDC developer conference early next month in San Francisco, but word on the street is we won’t be seeing new iPhone or iPad hardware at the event. Most rumors point to a fall release for the iPad 5 alongside the next generation iPhone.

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