Lead management services are usually quite complicated. In fact, I probably have ten neglected accounts out on the interwebs from my attempts of finding a simple, straight-forward CRM or lead management system. Thankfully, I ran across Stride when they launched their website beta a few years ago and recently stumbled across their free iOS app. In a few short words, it’s “spectacularly simple”.

I spoke with Stride’s Kevin Chau about the company’s mission and how they’re tackling the CRM world. It’s quite obvious that their go-simple-or-go-home approach extends to every part of the application:

We designed Stride around simplicity because we wanted to highlight focus on the deal pipeline. Before Stride, all of us tried other CRM solutions on the market, and they were overly complex, and took away from focusing on what we feel to be most important – deals. So we set out to build our own tool, make it intuitive, pretty, and easy to use. We tell ourselves that if we need to do an on-boarding walkthrough, we went in the wrong direction of simplicity.

After spending some time manage leads with the application, I’ve found that it’s nice to be able to add tasks or update the status of a lead with just a few taps rather than waiting to get to a desktop browser. Plus, everything syncs seamlessly with strideapp.com (not using iCloud, so it’s actually reliable – zing!) for managing the information on a browser.

If you currently manage your leads on paper, don’t track leads at all, or you are simply tired of your current CRM system, give the Stride iOS app a shot! The app itself is free with an account. Their pricing starts at $12/month or they have a free plan if you want to manage less than 5 deals a month.

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