With Apple’s Q3 2013 financial call set to take place later this month on July 23rd and Wall Street expecting near zero revenue growth, today we get a look at what analysts are expecting for iPad sales. With no major product announcements since the  introduction of iPad mini and iPad 4 last fall (and only a minor upgrade with the 128GB iPad 4 in January), it’s not all that surprising the consensus from 48 analysts polled by Fortune is that Apple will experience a big drop in growth year-over-year for iPad during the June quarter.

The average estimate of 18.1 million iPad units during Q3 works out to around 6.2% growth compared to 183% and 84% in Q3 2011 and Q2 2012, which some might still consider significant due to the lack of new product announcements and competition from Android tablets:

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A slow crawl is good way to describe what Fortune’s panel of Apple analysts is expecting. Among the 48 we’ve heard from so far — 29 Wall Street professionals and 19 amateurs — the average estimate for fiscal Q3 iPad sales is 18.1 million…That would represent a paltry 6.2% growth year over year. Revenue from Apple’s iTunes/Software/Services line item is growing four or five times faster than that.

Analysts are also expecting moderate growth for iPhone sales last quarter with Fortune’s poll of analysts resulting in an average estimate of 27.15 million iPhones. That’s up 4.3% from last year, but much lower than the 113% and 28% growth year over year for Q3 in the past two years.

In the analyst predictions (below), we see estimates of 22 million iPads and 32 million iPhones on the high end and 13.5 million iPads and 23 million iPhones on the lowest estimates.

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