YouTube user UnboxTherapy has posted a new video detailing the dimensions of what looks to be the shell for the second generation iPad mini. The shell of the iPad mini appears to remain largely unchanged, but when compared to the casing for the upcoming 5th generation iPad, we can see that the two appear to be the same thickness.

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Update: DetroitBORG provides a even more detailed look:

Earlier today, we saw a closer look at the shell for the 5th generation 9.7″ iPad, and in this new video, we see just how similar it is to the iPad mini. Aside from height and width, the two casings appear to be identical, using the same design first introduced with the original iPad mini last fall. Unfortunately, this part leak doesn’t shed any light on whether or not the new iPad mini will sport a retina display, one of the most requested features.

Although the video highlights the iPad mini, perhaps more interesting are the conclusions that can be drawn about its larger counterpart from it. If you recall, when the 3rd-generation iPad was introduced in Spring of 2012, Apple actually made the casing slightly thicker to accommodate the retina display and larger battery to power its A5X chip. Quite a feat of engineering would be required to get the 9.7″ iPad down to the thinness of the iPad mini.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the back of the iPad 5, with photos first being leaked all the way back in January. This is, however, the first time we’ve seen the dimensions closely scrutinized.

Apple is expected to announced new iPads next month.

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