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Following up on its earlier information regarding Apple’s 2013 iPhone and iPad hardware releases, iLounge has shared some additional details surrounding the next-generation iPhones and iPads. Notably, the report includes purported code names and release timeframes.

  • The iPad mini, as heavily claimed before, is said to be upgraded with a Retina display by October. This release timeframe would match that of the rumored fifth-generation iPad with iPad mini design elements. The Retina iPad mini is said to be codenamed J85, while the fifth-generation iPad is reportedly known as J72. The new iPad mini is also said to retain the first generation design. 
  • The iPhone 5S is said to include a faster processor and possibly a new Sony 13 megapixel camera sensor. iLounge previously reported that the iPhone 5S would include an improved rear LED flash. The current iPhone 5S prototypes have N51 and N53 code names, according to the report. An iPhone 5S, as the name implies, would have an identical or similar design to the current iPhone 5.

Separate rumors have already pointed to Apple releasing a new iPhone this year with a design similar to that of the iPhone 5. These other reports have also said that this new iPhone may include a fingerprint scanner. That scanner would likely be based off of the Authentec technology that Apple agreed to acquire last summer. Apple is also rumored to be launching a cheaper, plastic iPhone this year to assist in breaking through to emerging markets.

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