Apple updated its support site today to give customers the option to initiate screensharing sessions with AppleCare representatives.  Previously AppleCare reps could ask a customer to begin screensharing if they thought it would be useful in helping solve the issue, but as of today customers can now decide whether to use the utility during support calls.

Customers have always been able to request screensharing, at which point the AppleCare representative would instruct them to download an application from Apple’s site that facilitates the connection. Now the download is listed directly on the support page. If a customer opts to use screensharing, the AppleCare rep must comply with their request whether they think it will help or not.

This option isn’t available for all issue types, such as Wi-Fi connectivity or other hardware-related, but can be used for troubleshooting software-based problems. The screensharing tool is also only available for support phone calls, not live chats or other contact methods.

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