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Earlier today, we discovered a new potential resolution for the iPhone 6: 828 x 1472. This finding came several months after sources first told us that Apple is testing an iPhone 6 resolution of 960 x 1704. Now, phone reseller Feld & Volk has put a purported iPhone 6 screen panel under the microscope and claims that the resolution is the 960 x 1704 that we reported:

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MacRumors, on the other hand, analyzed the photo and believes that the actual resolution shown by the microscope is closer to the 828 x 1472 resolution that we discussed this morning. It is possible that Apple goes with both resolutions (one for the 4.7-inch model and another for the 5.5-inch version) or just one across both sizes. We’ll know for sure September 9th.

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In related iPhone 6 news from Feld & Volk, the company has published new photos showing the outer shell and the display panel of the device glued together.


These images provide a better picture of what a complete iPhone 6 unit could look like. The company posted one photo on their Instagram page, and MacRumors has a few more shots.

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