Microsoft, like Samsung, has been no stranger to directly going after Apple products in its latest TV commercials and online ads. Today, Microsoft has released yet another Siri-bashing ad comparing it to Windows own Cortana voice assistant feature on the HTC One M8.

Earlier this summer during its developer conference, Microsoft released its first ad going after Siri and comparing its functionality to the new Cortana personal assistant feature for Windows mobile devices. The previous commercial focused on the latest Nokia Lumia, while today’s ad highlights the recently announced Windows version of the HTC One M8.

Microsoft also taken on other Apple products in its recent ads including side-by-side comparisons of the MacBook Air and its Surface tablet in a commercial currently airing on TV.

Here’s to hoping Apple has some big Siri improvements up its sleeve that will come alongside the new iPhones later this month and possibly be at the heart of its wearable product also expected to be unveiled at its September 9 event.

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