Apple has advised store staff that those working overnight or morning shifts on Friday will be able to reserve an iPhone 6, but not a 6 Plus, if a tweeted photo is genuine (and we have evidence it is). This would lend further weight to longstanding rumors and overwhelming evidence that the 5.5-inch model would be in short supply … 


A purported photo of a document issued to Apple Store staff was tweeted by an anon store employee this morning.

All models of the iPhone 6 Plus went to 3-4 weeks shipping almost immediately after pre-orders opened last Friday, while most of the 4.7-inch models remained available. Prior to launch, it had been rumored that the 5.5-inch model might even be released at a later date, with production starting later. While this did not turn out to be the case, it is looking likely that supplies of the larger model are indeed constrained.

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