We’ve already seen a few companies working to turn our current household appliances– everything from thermostats to crockpots– into smart devices controllable with our smartphones. The latest is a new crowd funding project looking to raise funds for a device that will make any window air conditioner an iPhone-connected device with temperature and other predictive climate control features.

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Dubbed “Ambi Climate”, the small device pairs with existing air conditioners that use infrared remote-controls.  That includes window, split, freestanding or central AC units.


The app (which will be available for both iOS and Android) intelligently learns ideal temperatures for the user, includes a wake up timer to adjust conditions for time of day, and uses location tracking features allowing your AC to adjust temperatures depending on where you are. You’ll also be able to control the AC unit manually using the app from wherever you are. The company also says analytics tracking features can save consumers “up to 30 percent on their energy bill.”

Ambi Climate allows for automatic control of your air conditioner through its intelligent algorithms with “Ambi Mode”. Throughout the day, the Ambi Cloud continuously analyses your home’s climate characteristics, your air conditioner’s performance and local weather conditions in order to come up with the best settings for your own personal comfort… While your air conditioner does its temperature sensing from within the unit, Ambi Climate uses its own set of sensors to collect data closer to where you are in the room, providing a more relevant reading than your AC.

The Kickstarter campaign has already reached its $25,000 goal, which means you can expect Ambi Climate to ship by June 2015. Early backers can get the device for $50, approximately $100 off the price the device will eventually retail for.

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