The team at uBreakiFix was recently invited to Corning’s Gorilla Glass testing facility in Corning, New York for an inside look at the science behind the ultra-durable glass found on iPhones, iPads and several other smartphones and tablets. The five-minute spot goes behind the scenes at Corning’s strength testing lab to show how durable Gorilla Glass is under stress and bending tests.

A second video provides an in-depth look at some of the properties of Gorilla Glass and looks at the science behind what makes the glass so strong. Gorilla Glass benefits from a process called ion exchange that makes the glass able to retain strength after being scratched or damaged, an advantage that helps set it apart from other types of glass on the market.

While it was highly rumored for several months that Apple would switch to sapphire crystal glass for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, both smartphones still use ion-strengthened Gorilla Glass. Not long after the smartphones were launched, Apple’s sapphire crystal glass partner GT Advanced filed for bankruptcy in what has been a rather dramatic fallout.

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