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Apple has shared a behind-the-scenes video that tells the story of its widely praised holiday ad named “The Song” that it released on Sunday.

Whether it’s making a record in a booth for someone thousands of miles away, or a song in GarageBand for someone you love, it’s not just the tools that count, it’s the thought behind the gift.

The latest clip, titled ‘The story behind “The Song”’, features musician Dana Williams (iTunes) and vocalist Rhiannon Giddens (iTunes) from the holiday ad as well as several people from Third Man Records where part of the vintage vocals were recorded.

The new video talks about the Voice-O-Graph, used to record your voice to vinyl for recording an audio post card, then shows Williams’ going through the process of recording the old record she found in the ad and remixing it into GarageBand with her own performance.

Wrapping up the latest video, Williams discusses the friendliness of GarageBand while others point out the ease of recording now and sharing with others compared to the Voice-O-Graph days. The original ad promoted the MacBook Air, GarageBand, and the iPad mini.

Today’s behind-the-scenes video release is the latest addition to its holiday campaign as Apple has also promoted the original ad on its website and through the App Store and Mac App Store.

You can see the full video above and the original ad here.

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