With estimated Apple Watch preorders getting close to a million, a number of polls suggest that the Sport made up between 55% and 60% of these. Our own poll, by far the largest of those featured in a Fortune roundup, put Sport sales at just under 56% based on 11,865 responses at the time.

A second poll of just over 5,000 responses showed a slightly higher number of 59%, while a pre-sale poll of purchase intentions put the number at 60%. Only one poll differed markedly from this range, but that was based on a much smaller number of respondents so is likely to be less reliable … 


Slice Intelligence – which analyses email receipts from panel members – put the number a little higher at 62%, though its data is based on US sales only.

Our poll showed that 78% of readers were able to get the model they wanted, with 13% opting to wait and 9% compromising on their first choice in order to get their Apple Watch sooner rather than later.

It’s possible that Apple may release total sales numbers today, though as it doesn’t release model by model breakdowns for iPhone numbers, it is extremely unlikely to do so for the Apple Watch.

You can still take part in the polls – the main one below, the others here.

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