The Apple Watch site as it appears now
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Apple has made a small but notable change to the web page for its upcoming wearable device. The page previously featured the tagline “Available 4.24.15,” but that notice has now been replaced with “The Watch is coming.”

The change likely stems from the fact that many users have discovered they will be unable to actually get their devices on launch day due to shipping delays, low stock, or the inability to buy them at an Apple Retail Store on launch day.

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The Apple Watch site as it appeared until the evening of April 15th

The Apple Watch site as it appeared until the evening of April 15th

There’s no reason whatsoever to believe that the launch date has been moved. Instead it can be seen as an acknowledgement by Apple that most shoppers will not be able to get their devices on day one. Users have taken to Twitter to point out how few people will actually be able to get their hands on the device on the 24th.

Earlier tonight KGI published a research note estimating that Apple had sold pre-orders for 2.3 million Apple Watch units, while CEO Tim Cook has said that sales were “great.” Rumors indicated that the Apple Watch was expected to hit speedbumps in production that led to reduced supply, which seemed to manifest during the first night of pre-orders as many models sold out quickly.

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