The Apple Watch user interface may grow to be second-nature in time, but almost everyone who has tried onemyself included – has found themselves somewhat bemused at first. Do you swipe the screen? Tap it or Force Touch it? Do you scroll with vertical swipes or using the digital crown? Do you single-press, double-press or press-and-hold the crown? And when do you use the contacts button (nope, it’s not just for contacts)?

Redditor macamacamac (I’m guessing he likes Macs) has put together a really handy visual guide showing exactly how you move between the different views … 


For example, you can see there are four main things you can do directly from the watch face: swipe down for notifications, swipe up for Glances, single-press the digital crown to display apps or Force Touch to customize the watch face.

In addition, there are three apps that are always available using the same input: single-press the contacts button to display your favorite contacts, double-press it to open Apple Pay and press-and-hold the digital crown to open Siri.

Apple has also provided a few Quick Tours showing detailed interactions with specific apps, although several are still listed as ‘coming soon’ ahead of the watch’s official ship date next Friday.

Click here to open the full-size version of the visual guide in a new window. Bonus meta points to the first person to turn the infographic into a watch app …

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