As users unbox their new Apple Watch units today, customers who bought the Sport version are receiving a bit of a surprise. The inductive charging cable bundled with Apple Watch Sport is actually made of plastic rather than the nice metal finishes of the more expensive stainless steel and gold watches.

The material is very similar to other Apple accessories which have white gloss exteriors. It’s unclear why the Sport does not get the fancier cable: it may be simply for cost-saving purposes to maximize Apple’s bottom line or it may be a design choice to better match the materials of the Watch itself.

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The Sport charger was actually spotted in an Apple environment video earlier this week although at the time it was unidentifiable. Apple’s public messaging did not make this distinction clear between the variants of Apple Watch, so some customers unwrapping their Apple Watch Sport purchases may be disappointed by this revelation.

Customers wanting the fancier metal charger can buy it from Apple online separately for $29 (1m) or $39 (2m), as an additional accessory.

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