What can $200,000 get you in 2015? Lunch with the CEO of the most valuable company in the world and two tickets to be his VIP guest at a future Apple keynote. That’s how much Tim Cook and Charitybuzz raised at auction today as the weeks-long fundraiser came to a close after the starting bid began at $10,000 — the starting price of the 18k gold Apple Watch Edition — in mid-April…

Just as he has chosen in previous years, Cook’s proceeds will help fund the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights campaign.

This year marks the third annual auction for meeting Tim Cook and raising funds for the RFK human rights group. The effort saw its biggest success during the first year when Charitybuzz reported a massive $610,000 winning bid. Last year the executive included VIP tickets to be a guest at an Apple event like this year while raising $330,001 in the process.

Cook isn’t alone in participating in charity auctions through the fundraising site. Apple’s Eddy Cue and Ian Rogers have both offered similar meet-ups to raise funds for various charities through Charitybuzz, although Cook’s participation has become an annual affair.

Tim Cook Charitybuzz auction

Earlier today as the 20th bid ranked in at $200,000 on closing day, the fundraising site shared an entertaining infographic that puts that amount of money in perspective in Apple terminology.

Here was the winning auction just before it wrapped up:

Tim Cook auction winner

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