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As the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus start to become available around the globe, early impressions and hands-on images are starting to roll in. As they usually do, the iFixit crew waited in line in Australia and have started their teardown process of the iPhone 6s, with the iPhone 6s Plus teardown to commence later this evening…

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As you can see in the image above, the iPhone 6s features a largely similar internal design to the iPhone 6, which is to be expected considering the nearly identical exterior design. There is, however, an added Taptic Engine for the new 3D Touch capability of the device. The Apple Watch also features a Taptic Engine for its Force Touch feature. In the image below, you can see that the iPhone 6s features a slightly smaller battery to make room for the new Taptic Engine. The iPhone 6s packs a 1715mAh battery compared to the 1810mAh battery found in the iPhone 6.

CPtiZ8rUAAArTag.jpg-origEarlier this month, iFixit tore down the brand new Apple TV and new iPad mini 4. The latter of which revealed strong similarities to the larger iPad Air 2 and a smaller battery than the previous generation model.

  • The display unit now ways 60 grams, a 15 increase over the iPhone 6. This is due to the new capacitive sensors added for 3D Touch. This was initially discovered after Apple unveiled the device earlier this month.
  • The display assembly connection has been condensed into three cables, down from four in the iPhone 6.
  • No hardware evidence to confirm Apple’s claims that Touch ID is faster this time around.

We’ll keep this post updated as iFixit’s teardown reveals more details about Apple’s new iPhone 6s.

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