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According to a report out of Bloomberg, Apple is putting a hold on its plans to launch a streaming web TV service amid resistance from cable companies and networks. The report claims that Apple, while not entirely giving up on its plans, is instead shifting focus towards creating a platform on which companies can sell directly to the customer.

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Media companies have reportedly been driven away by Apple’s desire to launch its package of around 14 channels for between $30 and $40 per month. The media companies want more for their content and Apple ideally wanted to keep the price below $40 per month.

Corroborating the Bloomberg report, CBS CEO Les Moonves stated that Apple has put its┬áplans “on hold.” Moonves stated that Apple and CBS were close to agreeing on a $35 per month price point before Apple backed out and decided to reconsider.

Apple’s web TV service has been long rumored and was originally expected to launch in conjunction with the fourth-gen Apple TV, but that didn’t happen due to slower than expected negotiations with networks.

The fourth-gen Apple TV, however, supports Apple’s new tvOS platform which features an App Store. Instead of putting its efforts towards securing deals for a streaming service, Apple will now continue to encourage developers to build for the tvOS app store and allow users to choose what they want to watch and how much they are willing to pay to watch it.

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