An Apple patent application published today reveals an idea for an interesting variation on the magnetically-closed Milanese Loop band that allows it to do much more than simply secure the Apple Watch on your wrist.

By using a careful arrangement of magnet orientations, the band can transform itself into a protective case when travelling, a stand on a bedside table or desk – or a Mac accessory …


In the standard band configuration, the band would be held closed in a similar way to the Milanese Loop. But it would also be possible to roll the band to form an upright desk stand, or to wrap the band around the Watch itself to serve as a kind of protective case for use when the Watch is packed away.

Finally, it could also be magnetically attached to other devices, the patent illustrating it attached to a MacBook, an iMac and a fridge.


As Macs are aluminum, a magnet would not normally stick to it, so the Mac attachment concept would also need matching magnets or a ferrous metal plate in the Mac to make it work.

As always with Apple patent applications, there’s no way to know whether Apple has serious plans to make such a band or is simply exploring an interesting idea.

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Via Patently Apple

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