Apple is set to open its largest Florida-based Apple Store yet in Greater Downtown Miami, according to a new report. Sources close to The Real Deal and South Florida Business Journal have confirmed that Apple has signed a lease with Miami’s new Brickell City Centre to open the new retail location.

The new destination, which is planned to open by fall, currently lists 75 confirmed stores and restaurants that will be nestled inside of the new open-air shopping center. Featuring a Climate Ribbon to keep shoppers cool, the centre won’t rely on traditional air-conditioning. Along with the stores and restaurants, the new city center also incorporates two condominium towers, office buildings, and even a hotel.

It boasts five levels of retail oriented design across a 500,000 square foot size. With a movie theatre on the fourth floor, and a garden on the fifth, it would be safe to assume that the new Apple Store will be opened on either the second or third floor where overall retail square footage is larger.

Reports seem to indicate as much, stating that “luxury stores will be located on the first floor, with premium and contemporary retailers on the second and third floors…anchored by a three-floor Saks Fifth Avenue, [which] will include street-level access to an underground two-story garage.”

Current renderings of the location show a mix of steel and aluminum colored facades, glass, open air environments, and an all around atmosphere where an Apple Store would fit in neatly. With the shopping center opening later this year, it will be curious to see if this new store implements Jony Ive’s touch and design as we’ve seen in the newly redesigned Brussels Apple Store.

Renderings via Brickell City Centre

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