Popular accessory maker Kanex today announced a new lineup of Bluetooth keyboards for Mac and iOS users that allow easy switching between up to four wirelessly connected devices, as well as two products aimed specifically at iPad users.

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There are four new keyboards in the lineup including the full-sized keyboard in black and aluminum pictured below, and a smaller miniature version (above) that is a lot like Apple’s own wireless keyboard in form factor (minus the questionable arrow key size).


Additionally, you’ll find two new iPad keyboards with stand covers, one for the iPad mini and one for either the iPad Air or iPad Pro:

  • MultiSync Aluminum Keyboard $99.95
  • MultiSync Mini Keyboard $49.95
  • EasySync iPad Keyboard with Stand Cover $49.95
  • EasySync iPad Mini Keyboard with Stand Cover $39.95

The company notes the stand on the iPad keyboards can support a smartphone in case you want to use the keyboard with an iPhone or other device.

Perhaps my favorite feature of the new keyboards at first glance is the design of the two black and aluminum keyboards that will fit in nicely for Mac users where the all-white and aluminumm Apple keyboard feels a bit out of place these days (like with my MacBook or Mac Pro desktop setup and mostly black monitors and gear).

The larger of the two aluminum keyboards unfortunately takes two AAA batteries, while the compact version and the two iPad keyboards include the expected charging cable and built-in batteries.

All of the new keyboards are available alongside specs and more info on Kanex’s website now. Keep an eye out for a full review in the near future.

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