As Gizmodo observed, Apple puts a lot of thought into product design, but seems to forget everything it knows when it comes to power adapters (with one exception). The standard Mac adapter sticks out about half a mile from the wall, which can be a pain when the socket is behind a sofa. Ten One Design has a solution in the form of Blockhead.


Blockhead is a side-facing plug adapter that works with all of Apple’s MacBook and iPad chargers, reducing the distance the plug sticks out of the wall from 3.8 inches to just 1.2 inches, as shown in the GIF below.


It’s a shame they used blue instead of white. For a product that’s all about neatness, this should just blend in – but I can understand why they didn’t. They want people to notice it and ask about it.

Blockhead costs $19.95 for one or $34.95 for a pair, which isn’t cheap but hey, your living room just increased in size. You can pre-order now for delivery in late April.

Incidentally, if you need a spare power adapter or two for an older MacBook, Apple currently has MagSafe 1 models on sale for less than half-price in its official Amazon store.

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