Tony Fadell hasn’t been able to shake the bad press as CEO of Nest since Google (now Alphabet) acquired his smart home accessories company, and today that story’s coming to a close as Fadell announced publicly that he’s stepping aside and ‘leaving the Nest’.

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Before he was founder and CEO of Nest, Fadell was known as the iPod Father thanks to his role as SVP of the iPod division at Apple. As the story goes, Steve Jobs had two teams compete to make the operating system that would power the iPhone. The OS X team beat the iPod team and Scott Forstall lead the iPhone Software effort. Fadell left in 2008 and founded Nest in 2010, which Google bought in 2014 for $3.2 billion.

Now Fadell is moving to an adviser role not unlike Forstall after his forced departure. Fadell previously worked on Google Glass for a period during his time at Google/Alphabet, but Nest remained its own subsidiary company which isn’t changing. Fadell’s advisory role means he likely won’t be showing back up at Apple anytime soon, but I’d guess his personality might be another factor anyway.

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