Apple has just started seeding out the fourth beta for tvOS 10 today to all current testers and developers. To update, check through the Software Update section on the Apple TV, or grab the Configuration Profile from Apple’s Developer center if you’d like to install it for the first time.

Apple’s newest tvOS software introduces Dark Mode, Single Sign-on, HomeKit, and YouTube search to the latest Apple TV. tvOS 10 beta 3 brought in more language support with Siri, and some improved functionality within the Music app. tvOS 10 beta 2 brought in an entirely new UI for Apple Music with a Library view inspired by the iPod Classic’s UI. tvOS 10 looks to be focused primarily on small changes to improve the whole system, where as iOS 10 and watchOS 3 have gone through some radical changes themselves.

For screenshots of the new Music UI introduced in tvOS 10 beta 2, check back on our previous article. To see our breakdown of tvOS 10’s changes, take a look at some of our recent articles:

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Developers wanting to install tvOS 10 for the first time onto their devices can take a look at Apple’s developer center to grab either the Configuration Profile, or restore image to be installed via iTunes. Developers already on tvOS 10 beta 1 or beta 2 can check through their device’s Software Update section to grab the latest release.

Once updated, the latest release notes for tvOS 10 beta 3 will be found here.

Any discovered changes we find will be added here. If you find anything new, feel free to send it to via Twitter @9to5mac or to me personally @gregbarbosa. Our email is also open to any tips.

From the tvOS 10 beta 4 release notes:

Game Controllers

After pairing a Game Controller, an “App Not Installed” dialog no longer appears.


• Live Photos now function.

• In the PhotosUI framework, PHLivePhotoView is now available in Swift in addition to Objective-C.


Closed captioning is now available.


TextFields configured in Interface Builder no longer ignore certain types of font information



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