Apple is preparing for upcoming openings of two new notable retail stores including its first in Mexico and its second store in Cologne, Germany.

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Both stores are preparing for openings with Apple’s usual practice of large barricades blocking public view while the company puts on finishing touches and prepares for grand openings, as pictured above and below.

The first store in Mexico has been covered with a colorful barricade with text that translates to “Hello Mexico, we have much to celebrate,” a welcome for the country’s first official Apple retail store to be located in the Centro Santa Fe shopping mall.

@ReformaGadgets shared some first shots from outside the new store:

The new Cologne, Germany store gets a less colorful treatment as it prepares for its opening in high traffic shopping district Schildergasse. We reported back in April of last year that Apple had started construction on the new site that will be Cologne’s second retail location in addition to the current Rhein Center store.

Reader @NiklasT3w3s shared some photos of preparations at the new Cologne store expected to open soon:

Apple hasn’t confirmed official openings for the new retail locations but we’ll keep you updated.

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