One of our favorite designers, Martin Hajek, has been busy again, this time showing what Apple’s new AirPods would look like in the Jet Black finish used for the iPhone 7.

He poses the obvious question: why did this not happen? Given the huge popularity of the Jet Black finish, despite concerns about scratches, it would have seemed an obvious move to offer the color as an option. Especially for a product far less likely to be subject to scratches, living in your ears when in use and the case when not …


Apple will of course not want to complicate its supply-chain any more than it has to, especially at a time when introducing two new finishes to the iPhone, but a choice of white or black would seem to me a no-brainer.

What do you think? Would you prefer the AirPods in Jet Black, or are you happy with the standard white? If you’re wavering about whether to buy, would a Jet Black color be the touch that nudges you into a purchase decision?

Please take our poll, and share your reactions in the comments. You can check out more images over at Hajek’s site.

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