IBM has announced the next step in its continued implementation of support for Apple’s Swift. The company announced in a blog post recently that Swift is officially available on the server, inducing the Bluemix Runtime for the development language.

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Essentially what this means is that developers can create apps for iPhone, Mac, and PC and build the server side for those apps using the same programming language. In terms of benefits, this makes apps more efficient on the front end and the server side, thus improving performance and making it easier for developers.

IBM explains the Bluemix Runtime as follows:

IBM gladly announces general availability of the IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift. By including the latest Swift tools and taking care of system dependencies, this runtime allows you to focus on writing your server-side Swift services. And experienced enterprise developers take note: the Swift runtime includes all optimizations necessary to run in IBM Bluemix public, dedicated and local cloud deployments.

In an interview with ComputerWorld, IBM’s Mike Gilfix explained that what Apple is doing with Swift is “creating a great digital experiences” that allow the developer community to innovate at a faster pace. Additionally Gilfix noted that Swift is “one of the drivers for a first class mobile experience.

“Apple is smartly creating great digital experiences and I think they know that great digital experiences mean unleashing tons of innovation from the community overall. Swift is one of the drivers for a first class mobile experience. There’s incredible developer energy around it and Apple has made it its focus,” he said.

More information regarding the IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift can be found in IBM’s full announcement post.

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