Netatmo is the maker of the handy Weather Station that provides a hyperlocal weather report to your smartphone, and now the company is introducing a new climate-related product that works with Apple’s HomeKit. Healthy Home Coach is a new indoor climate monitor that works with Siri plus Apple’s new iOS 10 Home app and uses four sensors to measure your environment.

Humidity, air quality, noise, and temperature make up your overall indoor climate quality and Netatmo Healthy Home Coach provides guidance for which areas you should monitor and adjust to improve.

Netatmo says managing humidity levels is important when living with allergies or asthma, and Healthy Home Coach can proactively alert you when your environment measures an unhealthy range. Air quality relates to how much air pollution is present which can be a result of poor air ventilation. Noise monitoring is used to show you how much noise may be disturbing your sleep at night without you realizing it, and temperature sensors measure how warm or cool your environment is based on room.

Netatmo HomeKit Healthy Home Climate

Healthy Home Coach relies on Wi-Fi for connectivity (which has a lot of benefits over speed and range of Bluetooth) and is expandable with additional units for multi-room monitoring in Netatmo’s latest mobile app. Remote access is also supported and no subscription fees are required.

The unit itself is a tall, slender module that measures 1.77 x 1.77 x 6.1 inches and is intended to blend in with home décor.

Healthy Home Coach is available for $99 from Netatmo starting today and coming later this month to Amazon and other retailers.

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