Netatmo Stories May 28

Netatmo is out today with a new version of its HomeKit Outdoor Security Camera that adds a built-in Siren to the device. Other features include an integrated security light and options to record video to a microSD card or a Dropbox account.

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Netatmo Stories November 8, 2019

Hands-on: Netatmo Weather Station combines indoor and outside sensors with excellent HomeKit integration

The Netatmo Weather Station has existed as a product for a while, but only recently added HomeKit support, which is what piqued my interest. I’ve been testing the Netatmo Weather Station for about a week, and I think it is really great. Any drawbacks originate from weaknesses in the HomeKit standard; these are Apple’s problems to fix.

Netatmo Stories October 22, 2019

Smart home accessory maker Netatmo today announced that its Weather Station now supports Apple HomeKit. With a firmware update, owners of the Weather Station since the 2016 model revision will be able to start interacting with their sensors in the Apple Home app and with Siri voice commands through the HomeKit integration.

The Weather Station exposes the following data to HomeKit: indoor and outdoor humidity, temperature, indoor CO2 level, and indoor air quality. If you have additional beacon modules for other rooms, that info will also be part of the HomeKit home.

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Netatmo Stories January 8, 2019

Smart doorbells have eluded the HomeKit community since its inception, continuously promised but never delivered. At CES 2019, Netatmo may finally be ready to offer a solution. We took a hands-on look at what the company is calling the world’s first HomeKit-compatible doorbell.

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Last Friday, we reported on Robin Telecom being the first company to be marketing a HomeKit supported smart doorbell. Now, it looks like popular smart home company Netatmo will be next to offer a HomeKit doorbell.

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Netatmo Stories August 31, 2017

Netatmo announced today that it will support Apple HomeKit with its Presence and Welcome security camera systems. HomeKit support will bring Siri control, Home app access, and automation with other HomeKit accessories to the video cameras.

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