Thread Stories August 3

Wemo is out with its latest smart home device today. The Wemo Smart Dimmer with Thread is HomeKit-only and offers the convenience of flicker-free technology and working with both neutral and no-neutral wiring for new and old homes alike. The dimmer even includes NFC support for a super smooth setup.

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Thread Stories July 21

A new version of the Eve motion sensor has been launched, with support for the Apple-backed Thread protocol which enables smart home devices to easily communicate with each other.

The Eve Motion also gets an ambient light sensor, which is exposed to HomeKit so can be used to directly trigger actions, with or without motion.

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Thread Stories February 24

Wemo HomeKit Smart Plug with Thread featuring boosted performance and reliability now available

Back at CES in January, Belkin announced its Wemo Smart Plug, Light Switch, and Dimmer would be seeing an upgrade with Matter over Thread support. Now the more capable Smart Plug is available for purchase.

Thread Stories January 10

A new Netatmo Security Sensor aims to provide maximum compatibility in terms of both hardware and software.

On the hardware side, the device is two sensors in one, combining a door/window contact sensor with a motion detector …

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Thread Stories January 4

Alongside the new Wemo HomeKit Smart Video Doorbell, Belkin has unveiled that its Wemo Smart Plug, Smart Light Switch, and Smart Dimmer will be seeing an upgrade this year with Matter over Thread support. That will mean faster and more reliable connections with greater range for the HomeKit devices.

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Thread Stories December 7, 2021

Eve Room adds Thread radio to improve HomePod support and responsiveness over Wi-Fi

Eve Room has been a popular HomeKit product for many years, and a new version is now available that includes Thread support to improve its overall responsiveness over HomeKit and Wi-Fi.

Thread Stories September 2, 2021

Eve Thermo latest HomeKit-compatible product to get Thread support

Smart home device company Eve has been adding Thread support to its product lineup, and the Eve Thermo is the latest HomeKit-compatible device to be updated.

The Eve Thermo is a smart radiator valve that allows you to control the temperature of individual rooms in a variety of ways, including Siri

Thread Stories August 19, 2021

Nanoleaf is out today with an update that transforms its Shapes and Elements smart light panels into Thread border routers. That means faster performance and better connectivity along with other benefits like Thread being self-maintaining and self-healing.

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Thread Stories July 7, 2021

Nanoleaf today enabled Thread border routers in its Shapes and Elements smart light panels, which should improve integration with other home accessories. This follows the announcement of Nanoleaf Essentials with support for the same protocol in November last year.

Update: Nanoleaf told 9to5Mac that the update has been delayed and will be available soon. You can read the original article below.

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Thread Stories April 27, 2021

Last month, Eve shared a deep dive into how Thread works and why it could be the future of smart home devices. Now the HomeKit-only device maker has announced three new products that are getting upgraded to include the useful Apple-supported Thread connectivity.

Update 4/27: After a short delay from the original launch date, the new Eve Energy smart plug with Thread is now available. Meanwhile, the new Apple TV 4K is another option to pick up a Thread-enabled HomeKit hub.

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Thread Stories April 1, 2021

Eve has fully invested in Apple’s HomeKit smart device platform over the years, and now the company is continuing its push into the next phase of connected devices. The second-generation Aqua hose and sprinkler controller with HomeKit is receiving a firmware update that activates Thread compatibility.

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Thread Stories February 24, 2021

Controlling window shades and blinds with HomeKit and Siri is easily one of the coolest smart home experiences possible today, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Eve is expanding its line of dedicated HomeKit products to include a new partnership with Coulisse that just might solve that problem.

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