nanoleaf Stories July 14

Nanoleaf has hit its 10-year anniversary this summer and to celebrate the achievement, the company is launching a slick new limited edition of its Shapes Triangles modular HomeKit lights. Here’s our hands-on look at the new Nanoleaf Ultra Black Triangles.

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nanoleaf Stories April 25

Last fall Nanoleaf launched its latest HomeKit smart lights, the modular Lines. They feature an all-new form factor that makes it easy to create a custom aesthetic for your home, office, or any other space. Now the company has released slick matte black skin covers (matte pink too) to easily transform the white exterior of the lights.

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nanoleaf Stories November 26, 2021

Popular HomeKit smart light maker Nanoleaf is out today with an all-new product. The Lines HomeKit-enabled modular lights are a totally new form factor from Nanoleaf and feature a slick aesthetic for your home, office, or any space you can think of. We got a chance to test out Lines ahead of today’s pre-order launch, read on for all the details.

Update 11/26: The Nanoleaf Lines are now shipping.

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nanoleaf Stories August 19, 2021

Nanoleaf is out today with an update that transforms its Shapes and Elements smart light panels into Thread border routers. That means faster performance and better connectivity along with other benefits like Thread being self-maintaining and self-healing.

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nanoleaf Stories July 7, 2021

Nanoleaf today enabled Thread border routers in its Shapes and Elements smart light panels, which should improve integration with other home accessories. This follows the announcement of Nanoleaf Essentials with support for the same protocol in November last year.

Update: Nanoleaf told 9to5Mac that the update has been delayed and will be available soon. You can read the original article below.

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nanoleaf Stories June 3, 2021

Nanoleaf debuted its Shapes HomeKit smart light panels last May starting with Hexagons before the Triangles and Mini Triangles arrived. Now the Shapes Hexagons are gaining a new nature-inspired option with the Elements Wood Look finish.

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nanoleaf Stories January 6, 2021

Nanoleaf has expanded its lineup this year to include some great new smart home lighting options. The Essentials line launched with a standard-size smart bulb and a 6-foot lightstrip. Like the company’s smart light panels, there’s no hub needed for these new HomeKit lights and after spending some good time with both of them, we were able to discover the aspects that make them stand out.

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nanoleaf Stories December 21, 2020

Nanoleaf debuted its latest smart light panel system this year with Shapes. The first option was Shapes – Hexagons and Triangles and Mini Triangles have arrived as well. As you’d hope, all three of the Nanoleaf Shapes light panels work together to make a flexible system that lets you get really creative. And just like Nanoleaf’s other products, Shapes are HomeKit compatible with no hub needed.

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nanoleaf Stories November 10, 2020

Shortly after unveiling its HomeKit-enabled Shapes Triangles and Mini Triangles in October, Nanoleaf has debuted its new Essentials Smart Color Changing LED Bulb and LED Lightstrip. The new products will launch exclusively at Apple, don’t require a hub, and have compelling features like HomeKit and Thread support.

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nanoleaf Stories October 15, 2020

Nanoleaf launched its new HomeKit lighting lineup called Shapes this past spring with Hexagons. Now the touch-enabled modular lighting lineup with features like music visualization is expanding with two new options that work with Hexagons: Triangles and Mini Triangles.

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nanoleaf Stories May 1, 2020

Nanoleaf’s new HomeKit-enabled ‘Hexagons’ smart light panels start pre-orders

Nanoleaf announced its latest smart lighting system called “Shapes – Hexagons” at CES back in January and now pre-orders are starting for the slick hexagonal HomeKit light panels. Read on for all the details.

nanoleaf Stories January 3, 2020

Just ahead of showing off its latest smart lighting system at CES next week, Nanoleaf has unveiled the modular, intelligent, and interactive HomeKit lighting system that is part of its new Learning Series to offer a more seamless smart home experience.

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nanoleaf Stories October 17, 2019

Nanoleaf launches new ‘Screen Mirror’ feature for more immersive light panel colors

The popular smart lighting accessory company Nanoleaf has introduced a new feature called Screen Mirror. The company touts that this feature “creates an immersive theatre-like experience” by mirroring your on-screen activity onto your Nanoleaf Light Panels and Nanoleaf Canvas.

nanoleaf Stories January 9, 2019

Nanoleaf’s colorful light panels have long been popular with HomeKit fans looking to add a little bit of visual interest and ambiance to a wall or a room. After introducing the Canvas Light Squares at CES 2018, Nanoleaf is expanding its lineup again this year with hexagonal light panels. We took a hands-on look.

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nanoleaf Stories January 8, 2019

HomeKit enthusiasts will instantly recognize Nanoleaf’s triangle and square shaped light panels. We’ve reviewed both the original system and 2018’s Canvas upgrade, calling it a “beautiful screensaver for your wall.” Today, Nanoleaf is adding a new shape to the lineup.

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nanoleaf Stories December 24, 2018

Nanoleaf HomeKit lights are great for decorating and entertaining all year — long after the Christmas tree is taken down and the holiday lights are all boxed up. Nanoleaf now makes two styles of smart lights that illuminate your walls: Light Panels and Canvas. Here’s how they compare:

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nanoleaf Stories September 1, 2018

Back at CES in January, Nanoleaf announced new touch-sensitive light panels as a followup to its popular Aurora product. Now, the company is offering more details on when those panels will be available and how much they will cost.

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nanoleaf Stories January 9, 2018

Nanoleaf – best known for the light panels we reviewed and I covered in my smart home diary back in 2016 – has announced an upcoming all-new version that looks set to put the originals in the shade.

Unlike the existing triangular modules, the new ones will be square – and the previous limit of 30 panels per base station is being increased to a staggering 1,000. You will, though, need a power booster for every 60 additional panels …

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nanoleaf Stories January 8, 2018

[Update: In addition to announcing a new, massive smart light panel product today, Nanoleaf has shared that its HomeKit Remote will come in at $50 and be available this spring.]

Nanoleaf has announced today its Nanoleaf Remote that has a really unique design and offers lots of customization to control Nanoleaf smart lighting and other HomeKit-enabled products.

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nanoleaf Stories September 1, 2017

Both Zac and I are fans of the HomeKit-compatible Nanoleaf Aurora smart lighting panels – which Zac dubbed ‘a screensaver for your wall.’ The device just got even better with a small plugin that allows it to sync displays to your music …

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nanoleaf Stories December 30, 2016


I’ve tried a few different HomeKit lighting solutions but nothing quite like Nanoleaf’s Aurora smart lighting panels. These modular tiles probably won’t replace traditional lamps or ceiling bulbs, but the customizable LED lights provide visually impressive colorful (and pricey) accent lighting. See it in action below:

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nanoleaf Stories November 20, 2015

The new Nanoleaf Smarter Kit with HomeKit support comes with a Smart Hub and two Nanoleaf Smart Ivy Light Bulbs to get you started. Like other popular connected lighting systems including the Philips Hue, you can purchase more bulbs individually once you’ve bought the Smarter Kit with the hub that allows a wirelesses connection for control from your iPhone or iPad and support for connecting up to 50 bulbs (the standard limitation among these types of products). But the Nanoleaf Ivy bulbs have a lot to offer in a package unlike anything else I’ve tested. The bulb is made entirely from a foldable printed circuit board with embedded LEDs… expand full story

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