nanoleaf Stories October 17

Nanoleaf launches new ‘Screen Mirror’ feature for more immersive light panel colors

The popular smart lighting accessory company Nanoleaf has introduced a new feature called Screen Mirror. The company touts that this feature “creates an immersive theatre-like experience” by mirroring your on-screen activity onto your Nanoleaf Light Panels and Nanoleaf Canvas.

nanoleaf Stories January 9

Nanoleaf’s colorful light panels have long been popular with HomeKit fans looking to add a little bit of visual interest and ambiance to a wall or a room. After introducing the Canvas Light Squares at CES 2018, Nanoleaf is expanding its lineup again this year with hexagonal light panels. We took a hands-on look.

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Ecobee HomeKit Thermostat

nanoleaf Stories January 8

HomeKit enthusiasts will instantly recognize Nanoleaf’s triangle and square shaped light panels. We’ve reviewed both the original system and 2018’s Canvas upgrade, calling it a “beautiful screensaver for your wall.” Today, Nanoleaf is adding a new shape to the lineup.

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nanoleaf Stories December 24, 2018

Nanoleaf HomeKit lights are great for decorating and entertaining all year — long after the Christmas tree is taken down and the holiday lights are all boxed up. Nanoleaf now makes two styles of smart lights that illuminate your walls: Light Panels and Canvas. Here’s how they compare:

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nanoleaf Stories September 1, 2018

Back at CES in January, Nanoleaf announced new touch-sensitive light panels as a followup to its popular Aurora product. Now, the company is offering more details on when those panels will be available and how much they will cost.

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nanoleaf Stories January 9, 2018

Nanoleaf – best known for the light panels we reviewed and I covered in my smart home diary back in 2016 – has announced an upcoming all-new version that looks set to put the originals in the shade.

Unlike the existing triangular modules, the new ones will be square – and the previous limit of 30 panels per base station is being increased to a staggering 1,000. You will, though, need a power booster for every 60 additional panels …

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